Mark Jones, Author at AJT

AJT wins ITI Corporate Award 2022

We are immensely proud to announce that we have won our second ITI Corporate Award in four years, this time for ‘Our road to B Corp certification’. The ITI, or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, to give it its full name, is the only UK-based independent professional membership association for practising translators and interpreters, with


Join our AJT Clean Walk 2022

A lovely walk in a beautiful place and a litter pick During the month of June, Team AJT will be hosting the #AJTcleanwalk2022 and we would love you to join us! As part of our commitment to look after the environments we live in, we want to do our bit to help clean up the


Why open communication and collaboration lead to better translation outcomes

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle’s famous quote is as relevant and pertinent in the localisation industry as it is in any other field. When strategists, marketers and sales teams work together with their translation providers in a collaborative way, they tend to achieve better localisation results. Why? Because


A decade of translation

We can hardly believe it, but it’s true… AJT is officially ten years old this month.  Way back in 2010, when Anja started the company from her kitchen table, we never imagined that one day we would employ a team of 19 in-house staff and a trusted network of 150 amazing freelance linguists. Nor that


Translation is to be understood in a foreign market, localisation is to belong

Translation or localisation? At a recent workshop organised by the Department of International Trade (DIT), we noticed a real shift from talking about ‘translation’ to talking about ‘localisation’ services. So what’s the difference? Translation is actually just one part of localisation. While translation only deals with the language aspect, i.e. translating your website/app/marketing material etc, localisation

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