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Supporting our team in a time of crisis

Watching the crisis unfold in Ukraine is harrowing and has left many of us feeling helpless, anxious and angry. Even though we have no business ties to Ukraine or Russia and none of our team members are based in either country, we feel personally and deeply affected by what’s going on. After all, we are


Collaborative translation: How New Zealand’s translators came together to translate the country’s founding document into 30 languages

It’s not often that I get goose bumps during a presentation at a language industry event. But as I sat and listened to Mandy Hewett’s talk entitled ‘Collaborative translation for the future of New Zealand’ about a group of volunteer translators who set out to translate one of New Zealand’s most important documents into 30


Stranger things have (never) happened on a steam train: a review of Strangers on a train 2017

I have to start with an admission: I have a bit of a professional crush on the Stranger Collective. Ever since we first had the opportunity to collaborate with the copywriting geniuses at Stranger, translating their beautifully crafted blogs for Coca-Cola’s Think Positively Collective into five languages (this was way back in 2010 and our

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