AJT wins Ethical Business Award

We’re happy to share that we’ve won the Ethical Business Award at this year’s Language Industry Awards. It’s wonderful to be recognised for the work we’re doing in our own company and in the language industry.


The image shows the logos of the ATC and EUATC at the top, then the words: "Ethical Business, Winner, AJT." On the left, the AJT logo is displayed, and on the right the words: Language Industry Awards 2023.


The UK Association of Translation Companies and the European Union Association of Translation Companies joined forces to host the Ethical Business Summit in London last week. It was the first industry event of this kind which focussed on ethical and sustainable business practices.

We had the opportunity to present our business case study alongside fellow B Corp Comtec Translations. In our joint talk, we shared our approach to working to the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. We discussed how we can better look after our internal team and our wider linguistic community, and how we have an opportunity to shape a fairer, more inclusive localisation industry.

Creating better working conditions for everyone is not just something we should want to do because it feels morally right but because it makes good business sense as well. We all know that people who are happy, fairly paid and well looked after deliver better work.

In the context of translation, better translations lead to a greater impact for our customers, which in turn leads to a greater return on their investment in translation and localisation. In other words, if we want to best serve our customers, we need to serve everyone in our translation ecosystem.

As a B Corp, driving positive change in our industry is something we care about passionately. We’re proud to have played a part in this Ethical Business Summit and hope that it will lead to a lot more open and transparent discussions of how we can – collectively – shape an equitable localisation industry in which everyone can thrive.