Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

Respect for people and planet

Respect for people and the planet

We treat both our people and our planet with respect.

We respect everyone we interact with. We are professional, polite and tolerant. We always respect the opinions and privacy of other team members. We respect our planet and want to protect it. Wherever we can, we source sustainable and eco-friendly products, and strive for zero waste.

We want everyone to feel safe and respected at work, and feel like they can speak up. It’s okay to disagree with others, and challenging each other is an important way for us to grow and find solutions together, as long as we do it respectfully.



We know and follow the law, wherever we are.

We follow all laws as they apply to our organisation and those of the countries in which we reside. Ignorance is not an excuse. If we’re not sure what the law is in a specific instance, we seek clarification.

Competence and accountability

Competence and accountability

We work diligently and hold ourselves accountable for our work.

We make sure that our team members have everything they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities and to feel competent and content in their roles.

We take responsibility for our actions. We all make mistakes from time to time, it’s only human. When we do make a mistake, we own up to it, face it honestly and manage it professionally.

Taking responsibility and coming up with ways to fix our mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and gain trust from our clients and colleagues.

Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty

We tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of our ability.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve success in the European marketplace, whilst meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We always keep this mission in mind.

We all work together to fulfil this collective mission. The way we act and the attitudes we display align with our overall mission and will help us work towards it. We are honest, trustworthy and reliable. We are transparent in everything we do.

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities

We make sure that everyone has access to the same opportunities for growth and development.

We always consider the impact of our decisions on our colleagues, clients, our communities and the environment. We are always objective when making decisions that can impact other people, for example when we’re recruiting for new team members, promoting people or terminating contracts.

We empower each other to do our best work by creating a positive, collaborative and inclusive environment. We promote an environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and value the diversity of all people.

Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration

We collaborate as a team and ask for help when needed.

We see teamwork as a virtue, rather than an obligation. Yes, we all work autonomously and focus on our own projects and responsibilities, but we are always ready to collaborate with and help others.

We are generous with our expertise and knowledge. We are open to learning and evolving and never hesitate to ask for help when we need it. In a truly collaborative team, there’s always someone willing and able to help.

Agreeing to our Code of Ethics

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