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Finding positives in the negative: How to deal with translation feedback

Often, when working for translation agencies or even direct clients, freelance translators don’t receive any feedback. If the work wasn’t quite up to scratch, the translator simply won’t be offered any more work. Which is unfortunate, because it doesn’t give the translator the opportunity to learn from mistakes and improve over time. Feedback is part


What makes an excellent freelance translator? 5 traits that translation agencies look for

Starting out as a freelance translator can be tough. It’s hard enough trying to land your first translation job without much experience (everyone wants experienced translators but how can you get experience in the first place?). And once you have got that first translation project, how do you retain that customer so they turn into


Why open communication and collaboration lead to better translation outcomes

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle’s famous quote is as relevant and pertinent in the localisation industry as it is in any other field. When strategists, marketers and sales teams work together with their translation providers in a collaborative way, they tend to achieve better localisation results. Why? Because