Pure Vista: Multilingual website localisation

Pure Vista is an industry-leading manufacturer of patented solutions for architectural glass installation. Established in 2006 by entrepreneur Stephen Oakes and his sons Adam and Mark, Pure Vista has rapidly grown to become a market leader in the UK and beyond, with distribution partners in New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Iceland.

We have been supporting Pure Vista with translations since 2011. At the start of Pure Vista’s export journey, we translated brochures and introductory emails into French and German which were then sent to prospective distributors. Soon after, we translated their website into German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, along with some of the product specifications that customers could download from the website.

“As with any translation project, we started off by familiarising ourselves with how the product worked,” says Anja Jones, Managing Director at AJT. “We had quite a number of very specific questions as we worked our way through the initial translations – you know you are getting deep into the subject matter when you start asking questions like ‘Is it correct that you need five clamps for the 19mm glass, but only four clamps for 21.25mm glass?’ Fortunately, Pure Vista are always brilliant at answering our questions, so we can be absolutely sure we’re getting the translations right on point.” We also carry out SEO research to make sure we’re using the relevant terminology that’s used in the target country for this type of product. Since the initial website translation, we have been providing website updates as and when new products or information have been added to the website. “It’s fantastic to see how Pure Vista has grown over the years and how it continues to expand its distributor network around the world. We’re very proud to count Pure Vista as one of our manufacturing clients and will to continue to support them on their international growth journey.”

We have worked with Anja and her team for a number of years now. The team are great to work with, easy to talk to and are quick to task. They are great at asking questions back at us so they understand what Pure Vista do to ensure the context of the text is correctly understood. Even after the translations come through and we update our website, we are contacted if the text has been implemented incorrectly or if we need to make any changes. We have had comments from our customers saying how good the translations are.

I highly recommend AJT and will definitely be using them again in the near future as we constantly continue with development with new products and push into new markets.

Mark Oakes
Director, Pure Vista

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