Kreidezeit: German to English translation of product documentation

Kreidezeit is a German manufacturer of eco-friendly paints and oils. The company was founded in 1987 and today offers around 200 products, most of which have been developed and manufactured in-house. All of Kreidezeit’s products are made from natural and sustainable raw materials. Michael Meissner, Technical Director at Kreidezeit, had previously tried different ways to get his technical content translated: he’d tried friends of the company, contacted semi-professional translators who weren’t always available when he needed them, and finally contacted a local translation agency in Germany, but with disappointing results.

In fact, in his own words, the agency provided the worst translations – although they were very costly, they read like something produced by Google Translate. In the end, Michael translated the company’s product information himself, feeling that, even though his own English wasn’t perfect, at least the translations would be accurate. But translating was very time-consuming and taking him away from his main responsibilities in the company, so it wasn’t a viable long-term solution. In the end, we were recommended to Michael by Mike Wye & Associates, Kreidezeit’s distributor in the UK. Michael was looking for translators who really understood and could accurately translate technical terms around the application of paints and plasters, their properties and the tools required to apply them. He wanted the translations to express the advantages of using natural paints and the company’s philosophy in an attractive, warm, honest and promotional way without being “too loud” but more with a “silent love”.

“We are very proud to be working with a manufacturer that has such fantastic eco-credentials,” says Anja Jones, Managing Director at AJT. “Michael cares deeply about getting the translations just right for his customers, not just in terms of the technical details but also in terms of the tone of voice. It’s fantastic to be working directly with the person who actually created the content we translate, to have access to that kind of product knowledge. Every translation project is different and has its own particular challenges, and I feel that we have found the right approach for Kreidezeit with this four-step process.”

In AJT, we have finally found a partner that produces accurate translations which are easy to read and have a distinctly warm, human tone of voice. We feel that the translations really reflect our own company values, as we see ourselves as humans rather than technocrats. I really enjoy working with AJT, who are very responsive, friendly in their communication and offer good value for money. I am looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Michael Meissner
Technical Director, Kreidezeit

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