myclever™ Agency: Social media management in French and German

We have been working with global social media marketing agency myclever™ Agency to manage the international social media accounts of one of their high-profile clients, data storage provider Seagate technology. Experts in all things social media, myclever™ Agency is always looking for new ways to enable their business clients, like Seagate, to engage with both existing customers and potential ones, establishing core strategies, running social campaigns, and maintaining their social media persona.

An important part of their strategy for any business with an international outlook is to ensure that those customers whose first language is not English feel just as involved as their English-speaking counterparts. And one of the main ways they do this is through providing international social media accounts that are tailored to these international audiences and that truly speak their language.

“Translating our content into native languages offers our audience a community they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. It provides a platform for them to not only understand and read messages from their first language, but also to feel comfortable sending messages and comments knowing they are getting quality service, especially on social media,” explains Hope Gorton, Social Media Executive at myclever™ Agency.

And this is exactly where we come in. Our French and German in-house teams have been working on Seagate’s international social media accounts in two key ways. Firstly we have been translating their short and snappy Facebook posts about Seagate’s products as well as translating more general posts designed to create buzz and get the Facebook community talking. With these Facebook posts, it has been important to think outside the box and really put ourselves in the position of Seagate fans. After creating these posts, our translators have been checking the Facebook accounts on a daily basis and responding in French and German to any comments and queries that relate to the posts.

To help us really get to grips with the brand tone of voice, we have been working to a specially drawn-up playbook, designed by Seagate and myclever Agency, on these tasks – which gives us sample posts and comment responses, includes instructions on how our response should look, provides product information and gives us guidance on how to answer complex questions. In addition to this, as part of the social media strategy for Seagate, we have also been involved in translating a number of quizzes and competitions which are all key to involving the international community.

In a world where social media is ever more integrated in our lives and is becoming ever more important to businesses across the world, we are very pleased to be getting involved in this very interesting type of work. Scroll on down to see the German Facebook feed live in action.

We couldn’t have chosen a better translation service than Anja Jones and her team. They are a warm and friendly team who go above and beyond to meet the needs of us – and our clients. No job is too big or too small for Anja and the team, we always feel confident and comfortable with their work and know the client will be happy with everything we produce together (which they are!). They’re also super agile and willing to adapt to any situation or use any software/system we adopt. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough and have enjoyed every moment of working with them.

Hope Gorton

Social Media Executive,

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