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Dycem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments and clean rooms. Headquartered in Bristol, England, Dycem supplies some of the world’s largest companies (BMW, GlaxoSmithKline and Nestlé to name but a few) with technically sound and proven contamination control solutions.

Dycem wanted to localise their English website for the German and French market. They were specifically looking for SEO-optimised translations that would help them to increase their visibility in the European market. Before we started on the actual website translation work, we carried out SEO keyword research to ensure the translations would include terms and phrases that German and French customers actually search for. Once the internal reviewers at Dycem had approved our research results and shared their preferred translations for specific product names with us, we translated the website content into German and French, incorporating the relevant keywords.

Our translators really took the me to get to know Dycem’s products in order to produce accurate translations. But even so, sometimes we had questions about quite specific product features, and Dycem’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Mike Trevelyan, quickly put us in touch with the relevant colleagues in his team that could provide more context and answer our questions. Having access to people who know the product range inside and out was a huge help and ultimately contributed to a better translation outcome.

If any company, or individual is looking for translation services they have to look no further than Anja and her excellent team. Great translations of www.dycem.co.uk into French and into German and I would not hesitate for a second to use them again. The team are personable, friendly and take real pride in their work to ensure the customer is satisfied. Which I certainly am!

Mike Trevelyan
Marketing Co-ordinator, Dycem

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