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App localisation: Tips to take your app abroad

Translating your app makes good business sense. Why? Because a multilingual app reaches a larger amount of users which results in higher revenue potential. Localisation – making your app available in more than one language – should be a major consideration when you start developing your app – even before you write the first line


Read this before you start translating

Starting a new translation project and not sure how to prepare and where to begin? Uncertain which tone of voice should be adapted in the target language? Need some tips on essential research and resources for translation projects? Look no further: What, why, who and how – 4 questions you should ask before you start


Don’t let your marketing message get lost in (machine) translation

Have you ever wondered whether you could use machine translation to translate your website into other languages? After all, it would save you a lot of money and your website visitors would get ‘the general gist of your offering’. But is that enough to entice potential customer to buy from your website? “Qualität kommt von