Creative translation meets content creation

Here at AJT we love words. Whilst languages are our tools, words are our raw materials. We chip, chop and slice translated text every day and carefully craft copy that gives the original text a fresh foreign face.

We specialise in translating marketing copy in German, French and English that sounds just as creative in the target language as in its original – often our work is closer to that of an editor or copywriter than to that of a traditional translator. Now we really want to hone the art of writing and take our language services to the next level: AJT is going back to school.

Falmouth’s creative writing community right on our doorstep

Starting next week, Jenny and Anja will be part of the vibrant and creative community of the School of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University. Being a Cornwall-based company, Falmouth’s writing short courses were a natural choice for us. Not only will we be studying at a renowned Arts university with excellent learning resources right on our doorstep, we are also lucky enough to be tutored by an expert in the field of technology writing: Professor Jason Whittaker is a former editor of the computer magazine PC Advisor and has published many articles and reviews in the realms of technology.

Translation and copywriting in German, French and English from a single source

We strongly believe that translation and copywriting go hand in hand and we would like to offer our clients a comprehensive package. Whether we’re translating, editing or writing: Our goal is to deliver great copy that engages the reader and helps our clients to reach new audiences abroad. Especially when it comes to creative marketing campaigns, the best results may be achieved with freshly pressed copy by native speakers who are experts in your target culture. Creative translation or content creation? Whether your company is taking a first glance across borders or is already established in foreign markets, we would love to talk to you about your localisation efforts.