Whitepaper: The true cost of poor translation

The true cost of poor translation

The true cost of poor translation

Nothing in this world is more important than communication. If we can’t talk to each other, we can’t work together.

Understanding different language nuances and tones is just as important to effective translations as understanding the words. To break into new markets, to strengthen your position in regions where you already operate, to build meaningful relationships with clients and customers, and to earn brand loyalty, you have to get translation and localisation right, first time.

Download our “The true cost of poor translation” whitepaper to understand:

Tickthe importance of expertise in translating material for new export markets

Tickthe perils of cutting costs in the early stages of expansion into new territory

Tickthe return on investment that comes from paying for expert translation and localisation specialists

By using statistics from desk research, case studies, interviews and literature reviews, this paper will illustrate how investing early and avoiding common pitfalls will reap huge rewards when breaking into new European markets.

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