Transcreation services

Transcreation (also called creative translation) is a process whereby we take creative copy and turn it into something equally as emotive and engaging in the target language. We offer transcreation services for product slogans, tag lines and other very creative copy where a direct translation would not sound as catchy or where it may not be culturally relevant.

Transcreation is a collaborative process between two or more translators who brainstorm ideas and concepts together. At the beginning of the process, we ask you some questions to get to know your brand and find out what it is you are trying to communicate: what are your values as a brand, what is your overarching brand message, and how would you like to come across to your international audience?

We then brief our creative team who will get together in a workshop to research your brand and products, develop ideas and put together a list of possible options and variations.

We then deliver the results of our workshop to you, together with literal ‘back translations’ in the original language, and the rationale behind each suggestion.

Transcreation is an investment in your high-value creative copy to ensure that your message stays on point in other countries with different cultures and different frames of reference.


Our transcreation services are charged at an hourly rate, and pricing varies depending on the size of the project and how many languages you’d like to transcreate for.

Whether it’s for a slogan, product description or a specific ad, our team of creative translators can adapt your creative copy for your international audience.


The process starts with a brief about your brand and your project.

During our creative workshop, our translators brainstorm ideas and develop concepts. Generally, this involves at least two translators per language.

When we deliver the transcreation, you will receive back translations and a rationale behind each suggestion.


♥ Creative workshop to adapt a niche UK dairy product name/category for the international market (US and Europe)

♥ Transcreation of product name for a well-known local ale for the German, French and Russian market

♥ Transcreation of tag lines and product descriptions for leisure equipment for the German and French market

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