Proofreading and editing services

Do you have  existing translations that you would like to have proofread or edited by a professional translator? Our team of experienced linguists can review your existing translations to make sure they are error-free, accurate and most importantly, read well.

There are many reasons why you might like to get your existing translations checked. It might be that:

  • a colleague has been helping out by translating your website and you would like to introduce an additional quality assurance step to ensure the translations are error-free before they are published;
  • you have just started in a new company and would like to get a second opinion on the current translations; or
  • you might have received feedback from customers on your translations that you would like to validate.

Here at AJT, we help companies of all sizes to communicate their brand messages effectively and successfully in the European market. Each and every translation we provide is carefully proofread by one of our experienced translators. For customers who have existing translations they would like to review we offer two types of editing services:

Proofreading: We carefully check your existing translations, correct any grammar and spelling mistakes, ensure that the text reads well and that the translations are appropriate for your sector and brand. Proofreading is a good option if your main concern is that the translations are error-free. It’s a cost-effective quality assurance layer for non-marketing content such as customer service email templates, price lists, instruction manuals, contracts and other types of documents.

Editing: We carefully check your existing translations against the original text to ensure it has been accurately translated. We correct any grammar and spelling mistakes, ensure that the text reads well and that the translations are appropriate for your sector and brand. We edit the translations so the style matches your brand voice and ensure that your headlines are snappy. For web copy, we ensure that your focus keywords are incorporated into the text and that your CTAs are engaging. Editing is a good option for any type of marketing content that needs to be polished in terms of style and which must perform well to drive conversions, such as web pages, sales brochures, white papers and ebooks, marketing emails and print advertising.

If you would like to check your existing translations, or if you would like to add an additional quality assurance layer to your current translation processes, we’d love to hear from you.


We provide two types of editing services, proofreading and editing. Proofreading is charged on a per-word basis. Editing is charged at an hourly rate.

We start by reviewing some of your existing translations, provide initial feedback on the quality and recommend which editing service would be best for your content.


We first get to know your brand and learn about your brand voice before we get started on editing your translations.

We deliver the revised translations with track changes and, if necessary, provide helpful tips for your translation team to ensure quality improves over time.

We review

♥ Websites

♥ Apps

♥ Emails

♥ Brochures

♥ White papers

♥ Ebooks

♥ Instruction manuals

♥ Product descriptions

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