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Are you looking for professional French translation services? Do you need to translate your website, marketing material or other types of content into French? Bonjour et bienvenue! We’d love to help!

French is spoken by approximately 285 million people, across 29 countries and is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. After France, Canada is the second largest French speaking country, followed by Belgium and Switzerland. It’s also estimated that it is the first or second language of over 100 million Africans.

The French economy is the seventh largest in the world and the third largest in Europe, so it’s easy to see why many companies consider France an important export market.

As translation and localisation specialists for Europe, we translate a wealth of content from English into French every day. In fact, each month we translate around 500,000 carefully considered words into French for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Why work with us?

Quality assurance

We exclusively work with professionally qualified translators who are French native speakers. All translations go through a second proofreading step to ensure the final translation is fully print and web ready.

Linguistic expertise

You will work with a team of French experts. As French native speakers, we don’t just know how to translate. We know the French market. We know the French culture. We can advise you on best practices for localising your content into French.

Scale on demand

Our team of French in-house translators is complemented by a close-knit and trusted team of freelance translators, allowing us to scale up on demand and deliver large translation projects with short turnaround times.

Our services

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