Multilingual desktop publishing

Do you need to translate a catalogue, magazine or packaging? Whether it’s for print or web, the chances are your original document has been created in a specialised software like Adobe Indesign.

We provide multilingual desktop publishing (also known as DTP) services for our translation clients. We can translate your Indesign file directly (using the IDML format), and then carry out the final layout work to ensure the translated documents follow the same style guidelines as the original document. You simply send us the file package including fonts and links, and we provide you with a print and web-ready translated file.

Laying out localised documents correctly can be a challenging task. Did you know that German translations, for example, tend to be about 20 to 30% longer than the English original? Thankfully, our graphic designers have years of experience working with multilingual files. So you can rest assured that your localised documents will look just as impressive as your original.


Our graphic designers have years of experience working with multilingual documents. Together with our team of in-house linguists, we can provide you with a complete localisation package, from the initial translation to the delivery of print and web ready files.

Our DTP services are charged at an hourly rate. The cost will depend on the size and complexity of your document, and the number of languages you’d like to translate it into.


We start off by translating your document. All our translations are proofread by a second translator.

Our graphic designers then carry out the layout work.

Before we deliver the file to you, one of our linguists will check the final document over to make sure everything looks just right.

Finally, we deliver the final localised file package, together with high resolution PDFs for printing, and lower resolution PDFs for sharing online.


♥ German, French and Dutch product spec sheets for video conferencing solution

♥ German and Spanish sales brochure for distributor of fitness equipment

♥ German, French and Dutch recipes for food blender manufacturer

♥ German and French sales enablement materials for SaaS solution

♥ German ebooks for B2B for platform

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