App translation services

Translating your web or mobile app is a great way of reaching more potential users. Providing an interface that is easy to understand and intuitive to use plays a big part in providing a seamless user experience and keep users coming back to your app – the same goes for the localised version of your app.

We have heaps of experience in translating web and mobile apps – from some of the most well-known consumer smartphone apps to the more complex enterprise-level web applications.

We are aware of the particular challenges that come with app localisation, from length restrictions to device-specific terminology.

One of the most common problems we come across in app translation is space – or lack of it. Developers produce beautiful interfaces which look picture-perfect in English, but German for example tends to be 20 to 30% longer than English. Did you know that the English word ‘Add’ translates into ‘Hinzufügen’ in German? That’s three characters compared to 10.

Which is why, before we start the actual translation process, we analyse your strings to ensure they are localisation-ready and highlight any potential issues. We also provide quality assurance by testing your localised app once your translations have been implemented.


We provide carefully considered translations for your web or mobile application. All our translations are proofread by a second native speaker to ensure they are accurate and error-free.

We can handle a variety of file formats, so whether you work with XLSX, PHP, HTML or XML, we can translate your strings exactly to your requirements.


Our app translation process starts by analysing your source text and making some recommendations to address any strings that may cause issues during the localisation process.

After the translation, we provide quality assurance by testing your localised app and flagging any issues (such as untranslated strings, layout issues, etc.)

We've worked on

♥ Song-recognition apps

♥ Running and fitness apps

♥ Family safety apps

♥ E-reading apps

♥ File storage apps

♥ Instant messaging apps

♥ Taxi booking apps

♥ Image sourcing apps

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