Worlds Apart: Translation and transcreation of product descriptions into French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish

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Worlds Apart design, develop, market and sell a broad range of award winning children’s products. Products range from toys to innovative furniture, including the incredibly popular Ready Bed.

Worlds Apart hold licences to produce products in a huge range of popular character themes, from Disney Princesses to Peppa Pig and One Direction. The company has more than 70 employees based in its Cornwall headquarters, with a further development, manufacturing and global distribution team in Hong Kong and China.

We started off with a translation and proofreading project for their 2014 Home catalogue, and have since been involved in transcreation projects for video sizzles, creative translations for product tag lines as well as the translation of many product descriptions into five different languages (German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish). Being able to work directly with Worlds Apart’s marketing executive and graphic design manager throughout the translation process has been mutually beneficial as it allows us to share important information about product functionality, licensing restrictions and layout issues.

With over 300 products that require multi-lingual packaging and websites in various countries we have to work with a translation partner who completely understands our business and products. Since working with Anja’s business we have been blown away by the level of service and attention to detail. The team are always on hand to help no matter how silly our questions and not only that but they have made suggestions on improvements we can make within our translation process to save our business money. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Louise Routledge
Marketing and Communications Executive, Worlds Apart

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