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Localising for Luxembourg: Leveraging the power of multilingualism

Luxembourg: An introduction Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg is inherently multicultural and, consequently, multilingual. With a population just shy of 650,000 inhabitants, the linguistic landscape is even more impressive: most Luxembourgers speak four languages and both official and unofficial communication often takes place in Luxembourgish, German, or French. English and Portuguese are popular


Collaborative translation: How New Zealand’s translators came together to translate the country’s founding document into 30 languages

It’s not often that I get goose bumps during a presentation at a language industry event. But as I sat and listened to Mandy Hewett’s talk entitled ‘Collaborative translation for the future of New Zealand’ about a group of volunteer translators who set out to translate one of New Zealand’s most important documents into 30


Inclusive language: Differences between Germanic and Romance languages

For over a decade now, there has been an exponential increase in the public interest in how language and communication shape (or break down) prejudices and other forms of discrimination. After being taught for centuries that language is a neutral, abstract concept (“It’s just words, they don’t do any harm!”), we are now starting to