AJT translation calendar 2019

Over this past year, our AJT social media streams have been filled with beautiful illustrations of quirky German and French expressions. Hand-drawn by our lovely French in-house translator Alicia Pretot, the illustrations have been enjoyed by translators, language lovers and translation buyers alike – so much so, that we decided to turn them into a translation calendar for 2019.

The calendar features some of the most popular illustrations from 2018, along with an explanation of their meaning. With funny expressions like ‘turning mosquitos into elephants’ and ‘riding on a peanut’, we wanted to create a light-hearted calendar that would put a smile on people’s faces throughout the year. We hope that the calendar will serve as a little reminder of how beautiful and expressive language is. Within European languages, there are both linguistic similarities as well huge diversity, and it is our role as creative translators to thoughtfully transpose their meaning from one language (and culture) into another.

To make the calendar as useful as possible, we have included all public holidays for the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain – which might be especially handy for localisation managers, export managers and other professionals who work internationally. Last week, we sent our 2019 calendars to our regular customers, trusted freelance translators, as well as to some of our most engaged social media followers who have guessed the expressions in the illustrations and contributed others from their own languages. The good news is that we still have 10 calendars left, so we thought we’d do a little giveaway!

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