May 2022 - AJT

What is transcreation?

What is transcreation, how does it work and when should you opt for transcreation rather than translation to localise your content? Here’s a quick guide for you. What is transcreation? Transcreation (also called creative translation) is a process whereby we take your creative copy and turn it into something equally as emotive and engaging in


Join our AJT Clean Walk 2022

A lovely walk in a beautiful place and a litter pick During the month of June, Team AJT will be hosting the #AJTcleanwalk2022 and we would love you to join us! As part of our commitment to look after the environments we live in, we want to do our bit to help clean up the


Ethics in translation project management

Towards a new corporate consciousness Nowadays, more and more companies are becoming mindful of the limits to financial models based on the unrelenting, unnecessary production of goods and services.  The recent global pandemic and the urgent warnings about the devastating consequences our economy is having on our planet have certainly highlighted our individual and collective